Name : Alvaro Bedoya
Date of Birth : 3 October 1975
Where: Lima - Peru

Born and raised in Lima. After university his love for traveling lead him to the foot hills of Machu Picchu were he now owns a beautiful lodge & gourmet restaurant with his partners.
We decided then to start this project to mix, as in any good recipe, both passions for traveling and exquisite cuisine. That’s why we are devoted to this enterprise, and have carefully crafted each detail of this unique product we are offering.

Name : Francisco Seminario Atkins
Date of Birth : 27 April 1975
Where: Lima - Peru

M.A. in Ecotourism, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia and B.A. in Business, Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru.

Francisco loves being in nature and learning about ancient civilizations, especially the ones in Peru where he was born and raised. Growing up in the north of Peru awakened his passion for nature and the outdoors, travelling, surfing, trekking, and Stand Up Paddeling on Andean lakes.

After completing his degrees and working for the corporate world for a few years, he moved to the town of Machupicchu. Here he joined with 2 friends to start Rupa Wasi the first Eco-Lodge in this area. Since cooking is another of Francisco’s great passions, he also entrepreneured his own fusion peruvian gourmet restaurant. With 2 self-sufficient businesses up and running, Francisco has been able to work as an Adventure Tour Leader in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.His passion for travel and culture has already taken him to 4 continents.

Living in Machupicchu town and exploring the mountains awakened a strong interest and deep understanding of Andean cultures, including Andean Cosmo vision and arqueo-astronomy. He has visited many Andean communities such as Nacion Queros, and has participated in numerous Andean pilgrimages and festivities.

Living for the past 14 years in the Andean region has given Francisco first hand experience with the direct effects of climate change. Francisco is 100% committed to conservation of our natural resources and is always thinking of new ways to preserve them. He believes he is a facilitator of information as well as experiential knowledge. Francisco is honored to show his country and its diverse culture to help people grow in every possible way. He is one of the guides for our Cusco Cooking Lessons.

Name : Oscar Morello
Date of Birth : 6 March 1973
Where: Lima - Peru

My country Peru has an enormous variety of wonderful ingredients, many of them not know outside the borders, as well as a rich cultural heritage from our past.

As a chef I always tried to be innovative and to promote Peruvian cuisine, by joining this company I hope that by teaching my skills to our clients, they can take a great present with them.


lunch boxes

Our Lunch Boxes are a perfectly delicious, healthy and satisfying option for enjoying a full day at Machu Picchu or in and around Cusco city.

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Cooking Lessons

We love exquisite food and have been fortunate to have to opportunity to share our great passion with our guests for over six years. We invite you to participate in this wonderful culinary experience.

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